by Robert C. Harvey

This is the fascinating account of how Christianity actually came from the Holy Land to the British Isles in the first century‚Äďand then from these Isles on to Rome. The book traces the role of Joseph of Arimathea in the founding of the British Church and explores the Church's deep Celtic roots .
The Celts, Bishop Harvey narrates, were the earliest of all people to become Christian, and in turn, Celtic teaching and their manner of life and thought all contributed to the character and spirituality of the British Church.
Anglican Bishop Robert C. Harvey has spent a lifetime walking the paths of history, legend, and faith and presents here a detailed picture of the British Church from its earliest days to the reign of Henry VIII.
The drama unfolds against the panorama of Britain's eventful relationship with the Rome of the Caesars, its would-be conquerors and eventually its ally.
Exhaustively documented, vividly told and illustrated, To The Isles Afar Off takes us on an intriguing and inspiring journey of discovery about the founding and growth of Christianity in the West.

Bishop Harvey graduated from Dartmouth College in 1938, then worked briefly for Time Inc. Commissioned an officer in the U. S. Navy in 1941, he and his wife were living in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. From 1941 to late 1945 he served as a line officer on destroyers in the Pacific. In the early 1950s, while working as an executive in the investments business,he experienced a calling to the priesthood. He studied at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary and at St. Augustine's College in Canterbury, England. Following his ordination in 1956, he ministered to parishes in the United States and briefly, in England. After retiring from the U. S. Episcopal Church in 1976 he ministered to Anglican traditionalists in a series of posts. Consecrated a bishop in 1981, he served as Bishop of the Diocese of the Southwest of the Anglican Church in North America

320 pages

6 x 9 inches

16 pages of black and white photos plus 2 maps


Price: $24.95

"Bob Harvey looks clearly and seriously at a group of stories that many Anglicans have heard of. He has researched them to flesh them out, and he ties them together to present an intriguing and persuasive case that Christianity is as old in Britain as anywhere else outside the Holy Land.
His book should appeal to a wide audience."

Rev. Dr. Robert Parks
Fifteenth Rector
Trinity Church Wall Street

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